Demo Reel

Demo Reel Breakdown

  1. Pale Spire: a distributed ray tracing engine (Spring 2021)
    • Final pair project for Intro Graphics at Yale, with Matt Udry (Yale ‘22)
    • C++ distributed ray tracing engine built from scratch
    • Renders cylinders, rectangles, triangles, and spheres
    • Features: soft shadows, glossy reflections, 2D textures, and Cook-Torrance reflectance
    • I was lead programmer, and the final project was to create a 10-second scene
    • Soundtrack: Ravel, Pavane pour une infante défunte
  2. Soft-Body Platformer: a C++ game with soft-body physics (Spring 2022)
    • Senior thesis for the Yale B.S.
    • Created a game in C++ integrating a third-party state of the art physics library, PositionBasedDynamics (by Jan Bender)
    • Wrote C++ code to interface with this complex physics library
  3. Futuristic cities: Blender Python script which generates cool futuristic cities (Fall 2021)
    • Final pair project for Advanced Graphics at Yale, with Yifei Shen (Yale M.S. ’21)
    • Wrote Python script in Blender which generates futuristic cities from scratch
    • I worked on generating roads for the city, using stochastic L-systems to generate layouts and my custom graph algorithms for placing buildings in a satisfying way.
    • I also implemented the boids which provide a fly-through tour of the city.
  4. Quizzical? A cute, polished 2D puzzle game in Unity (Summer 2022)
    • Made in 48 hours for a game jam, with Michael Gancz
    • I was lead programmer, implementing the mechanics, animation, and graphics
    • Michael did the music, level design, and textures